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Kullanım Talimatı

NILEM ASPRİN USİNG DOSAGE: All wipe out cleaning surfaces by using 10 ml(1 teaspoon) into 100 ml water. PVC and Plastic Surfaces by using 10 ml into 20 ml water.Bathroom, Owns and Hoofs Surface C leaning by using 10 ml into 100 ml water. White Shirts Cleaning removes heavily dirt on shits by one spray on and wash. It can be use with powder detergent in washing machine by 25 ml Nilem Asprin. Tulle and Curtain Cleaning it can be use with powder detergent in washing machine by 20 ml into 60 ml water. Or put into Softener place in machine to have a visible shine. Color Clothes Cleaning to remove dirt and points on color clothes by using one time spray and wash in washing machine. Carpet and Furnishing Cleaning to remove dusts on carpets and furnishing by using 10 ml into 50 ml water. Auto Furnishing and Jants Cleaning : Removes heavily Grease on jants and Cleans Auto Furnish easily. Carpet Cleaning Machine : Can be use as carpet shampoo by using in Carpet Washing Machine.

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